Imotski – Wine, food and mysteries

As the season is in full bloom, the posts on the blog are becoming rare… Not that I am not traveling or visiting, but the stories will have to wait for cooler months.
But this story I have to share!
So great!

Just this Saturday I got invited by Mrs. Robyn Vulinovich of to join her and her new friend Natasa to visit Imotski and Natasa’s friend Domagoj.
After Natasa explained us who Domagoj was, I immediately remembered seeing him on a local show where he discussed mysterious megalithic constructions in Balkans! I always wanted to meet him but this was a very nice way to do so!

Natasa, Domagoj and Robyn... in Domagoj's garden

So, as soon as we met, we had A LOT of things to discuss and I knew immediately, that this is the person for great tours in this part of Dalmatia! Hinterland of Dalmatia is simply a stunning place where traditions are still kept and preserved and it is a pity that this is sooo away from main tourists paths…

We started our afternoon with traditional coffee and rafijoli sweets while Domagoj was explaining us how they dress up for special occasions and presentations.

Traditional costumes

First we went to Domagoj’s wine cellar where he produces a very special, local Kujunđuša wine Imotski is famous for. Not only that, Domagoj is a true organic producer and they even plow their vineyard with a horse!
His cellar is fairly small with a limited production but Kujunđuša he produces is pure gold (that’s where the name comes from as the Turkish word for gold is kuyun and the Turks were here for several centuries!)
Brief note on Kujunđuša: very beautiful, golden color. Great on the nose but a bit thin in body. Think it is a great summer wine and can go with almost any type of “light” food like salads.

A bottle of 2006 Kujunđuša over amazing Blue Lake of Imotski!

Of course, what would be a visit to Imotski without seeing at least one lake! So we poured 2006 and 2007 wine into bottles and went to the Blue Lake. Later we continued through the entire town admiring amazing cultural and historical heritage!
Domagoj is probably one of few people who can give such superb tours!

Trademarks of Imotski - Stone palaces and Mercedes cars 🙂

We ended the evening discussing the wine tours but also cooking classes that we will start promoting immediately! Domagoj is also a member and a very dedicated promoter of authentic Imotski cuisine! We even had a chance to buy the Imotski Cookbook and meet the author who was happy to sign it for us!

Mrs. maja Nikolić - Author of Imotski Cookbok relaxing in the afternoon

Domagoj is a superb cook and we enjoyed the Imotski tripe (oh, yes!) with glass of Kujunđuša. So, wine tour of Imotski + Cooking class in Imotski are our new programs! I am so glad that I managed to find the “right” person for it and so happy for clients who will be enjoying this great area! Of course, thanks to Robyn and Natasa!

Topana fortress in the evening...

We visited Imotski first time this winter and that was “love at first sight” despite terrible bura. And planning a second visit for hiking trips in the area around the famous lakes!

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    Lakes and whole area are magnificent!!!

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