Summer nights in Split….

Most places in Dalmatia are beautiful and fun in the summer. There are events, concerts, cooking, food sampling, local fiestas… but all that fades away when you are spending an evening in Split. True capital of Dalmatia, it is still a vibrant and lively Mediterranean city with loud crowds, singing, entertainers of all sorts and crowds; crowds of tourists and locals enjoying pleasant evenings in the “living room” of Split.

Kapetanija building at night

So, if in Split area, just grab a seat on Riva and enjoy locals’ favorite past time: people watching. Sip some chilled wine and relax…
You can do that after sightseeing in the Palace and before going for dinner. Or just find yourself a nice bar in the old part of town and hang out with friends or locals.

By the sea
Fruit stand on the green market

Or visit the fruit stand open late in the evening…

Split has it all for travelers: from the cool hang outs to museums and galleries, from people watching to fairly nice restaurants. No wonder why the locals are so proud of it saying “Nima Splita do Splita!”

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  1. Yes, I’m one of those proud ‘locals’. hehe

  2. Rada says:

    Best way to spend extra free time… sitting on Riva!!

  3. Alina says:

    Only two weeks and I’ll be there… I can’t wait!

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