Best Restaurants in Croatia – Monte, Rovinj

Last weekend we were in Rovinj inspecting hotels and restaurants and what kind of inspection would that be without including Monte restaurant?
This place definitely needs more publicity although the folks who look for great culinary experiences know of it for a while now! Located just bellow the Rovinj’s church of Sv. Eufemia, this place cannot be missed.

Enter the temple of great tastes!

Run by chef Danijel Dado Đekić and his wife, this is one of those places where you feel so free and comfortable to experiment and to enjoy gastronomy as the experience for all senses. And we definitely did enjoy!
Everything, from the couvert to dessert was served more like artwork than meals! But, unlike in so many similar places, the tastes were extraordinary! Enjoy the photos bellow but for full experience, Monte is simply a must visit.

We had a bottle of great Matošević Malvasija Alba Barrique with meals and for desert we enjoyed spectacular Kozlović muškat! The wines were recommended by Monte’s great somellier Siniša who kept filling our glasses 🙂 Monte is open from Noon till 3 pm for lunch and from 6 for dinner. Don’t expect to get in at just any time and make sure you make a reservation if coming in high season! The owner even told Roman Abramovich, when he knocked at the doors at 4PM, that staff is resting and that they will be happy to make the reservation at later hour…

Siniša "in action"!

So, hop on their web site at or walk in hoping that there is a seat for you at this address.

(+385) 052 830203

Again, for GREAT experience, Mote is the right place!

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  1. Alan, Secret Dalmatia blog looks so awesome on the iPad — especially today’s post. Fantastic!

  2. @Kristi – That’s good to know! Thank you!

  3. vidim da ste aktivni…neka a i spiza look great…

  4. @ dalmacija – a je, je. lipo se pojilo i popilo :)) Sve je to u rok službe.

    a samo da znaš da je žena od vlasnika holandeška

  5. Znaš što, ovi postovi o naj restoranima su ti pun pogodak…a meni čim pogledam ove slike dođe mi da idem skuhat nešto…srećom imam onog finog kozjeg sira od Mestira još u frižideru, ajde bok idem jesti,:)!

  6. @enogastromama – baš mi je drago da ti se sviđaju! Mada, ako ti otvoriš restoran jedan dan, ne znam kako će svi oni proći :)) Zamisli, jedan mali, mići restorančić, po tvom guštu, sa tvojim jelima, vinima koje ti voliš… već vidim jedan novi gastro hram!

    Šteta što nismo bar jednom nazdravili na Vinistri ali bit će još prilika!

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