Sv. Nikola church – fortress in Nin

On this glorious spring day, we simply could not stay at home!
Since the Zadar – Šibenik region is full of awesome places to visit, we decided to go to Vir island and to visit some beaches and fortresses in the region.

One of the most popular motifs in the region is the small church of Sv. Nikola (St. Nicolas) near Nin, in the area called Prahulje.

Sv. Nikola in Prahulje

According to the ancient legend, seven Croatian kings were crowned in the town of Nin. After the coronation ceremony each king would go on horseback to the small church of Sv. Nikola and present himself to the people vowing to defend the homeland. That is why this area is so important in Croatian history.
The church is located on a small hill – actually a pre-historic tumulus or burial mound, in the field of Prahulje, just a few kilometers out of Nin. Sv. Nikola is the only preserved example of the authentic Romanesque architecture as a church with the central floor plan and the cross-ribbed vault. It dates from the end of the 11th and the beginning of the 12th century.

The hill where the church is located is actually an ancient tumulus

In the middle ages, due to problems and attacks, the tower was added to the top of the structure making it fairly distinctive. Numerous churches have been transformed into fortresses in those days… One of them is recently visited in Miranje

The interior - you don't see this often!

I also managed to take a photo of the interior. Rare sight, since the church is mostly locked.

The church of Sv. Nikola is easy to get to – located on the main road from Zadar to Nin, one can easily spot it on the left side of the road. There is even a parking for buses since the church is frequently visited by groups visiting Nin.
It makes a nice stop on the way to Nin…

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