Split Boat Show…some 100 years ago

The 12th Split Boat Show officially opened today and is another 7 days of luxury, glamor, happenings…right in down town Split. I covered the boat show last year so I was not interested in coming this time as most of the boats are similar or I have no interest in them. All that plastic does nothing to me ­čÖé

That’s why I wanted to have my own Split Boat Show the way it was almost century ago although the sights like these fully disappeared not more than 50 years. Well, the tradition of small, private boats is still holding at Mateju┼íka and although new and polished, it is still very charming.

Riva, back in the 20s

Back in the old days, Riva was the place where people from the islands would carry their merchandise, wine, olive oil, fire wood… Of course, without the ferries, they relied on their old braceras and bigger vessels like logers and similar. Every day was “boat show” of wooden beauties, islanders in their traditional costumes. Probably the scent of fish brodetto was in the air as well…

View from Matejuska
In front of Split...

Other side of Riva was for more industrial operations and for bigger ships coming from abroad. The harbor of Split is now known for heavy passenger traffic but back in the late 19th century (and well before), this was a harbor primarily known for shipping local produce. This was also a very important harbor for shipping all sorts of products from Bosnia as well coming down the ancient roads of Hercegovina to Imotski and further south.

Barrels, lumber, merchants, ships... back in 1917

Now Obala Lazareta – in the memory of wonderful historic Lazaret bombed to ruins in WW2 – this part of Split harbor was known for centuries as Mleta─Źka obala or Venetian coast.

But ships not only docked here, they were also built in numerous Split shipyards. In these hard times when the existence of shipbuilding in Split is seriously threatened, it is nice to at least remember the times when the ships were built in the very harbor.

Traditional ship building yard in Split in the early 1910s

Here are some more nostalgic images of Split from the turn of the century. Enjoy this very different “boat show”!

Afternoon siesta...
...bracere under the walls of the Dicoletian's Palace
View from Matejuska

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  1. ma koja fe┼íta o’brodi trabakuli, leuti, gajete, guci svega je onda bilo…a tek ba─Źve sa hvarskin i vi┼íkin vinon…barila sa slanin sredlama…┼żivot brez plastike, brez ┼íminke, brez o─Źalina marke DG …samo nostalgija i lavura…bravo…

  2. je, ba┼í tako! Vrimena od pravih mirisa i okusa. A sve za─Źinjeno sa soli. Sol od mora i od znoja… Takva su to vrimena bila

  3. Rada says:

    Ma ┼íta jo┼í na ovo dodati… Stislo mi se grlo od nostalgije od pri samo dvadesetak godina ┼íta ja pamtin…

  4. Kristijan says:

    Another great post, “Nima Splita do Splita…” ­čÖé

    “Riva, back in the 20s” – now, through my head fly’s everyday life in past 90 years since, with all of the outside influences, turbulence’s and human endurance of our people who preserved it as it was since dawn of time. Looking other way, I think that images also represent well 2000 years in Split and coastal Dalmatia before 1920, let me say once again, that can be almost entirely discovered and experienced today too.

  5. @ Rada – je… previ┼íe se toga prominilo a nije sve na bolje

    @Kristijan – Thx! Yes, Split has kept part of the charm unlike many other places but it is still a very different place than it was 30 years ago when it was sports, music and easy living “capital of the World” But, I have been reading several books on Split and there are always similar periods of ups and downs so it is to expect that Split will bounce back once again

  6. Kristijan says:

    Despite of “the change” that happened and how it happened in the country, and all of the central and south Europe, can we still blame today’s governments for not doing enough on those aspects? (not following enough, from the distance, on the subject so i can’t judge.) I believe, “next up” will come only when economy gets to the level of the western Europe and for that are needed economists, not inherited politicians :). Until then, ‘dobri ljudi’, history, food, see, sun, ‘kamen’, clear night sky… as described and prescribed in your blog will make happy travels go home with everlasting memories, if everyone try hard as you do, I believe!?

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