Hiking in Croatia – Kudin Most on Krupa river

This winter seems like it is not going to end any time soon and I already feel trapped at home for way too long. Luckily, we don’t have snow. Yet.
Going through old photos is fun and planning visiting some beautiful places makes me even more nervous ­čÖé

One of Croatia’s prettiest rivers is probably tiny Krupa. Located just under the steep slopes of Velebit, this beautiful river carved its bed from the lovely spring all the way through a deep canyon where it meets Zrmanja – another beautiful karst river. We go there quite often but some spots more often than other.

From the goat path...

Kudin most – or The Bridge of Kuda – is one of the nicest places in the hinterland of Zadar. Easy to reach by car and then a short walk down the hill, brings you to the place of such beauty that I have to stop every time I see the river… Actually, the place is call Deveterci for the 9 small cascades that make the place so magical. Down the path we also noticed a cave and went inside to find out that is used as a stable sometimes. But very few people live now in the village above the river – Golubi─ç.

The cave over the river

Kudin bridge has been built at the turn of the 18th to 19th century. Legend says that a young guy called Kuda (very unusual name!) wanted to be closer to his loved one at the other bank of the river. So he built the bridge. We were told that the bridge was there from the Turkish times… Anyway, the constructor made 12 arches out of travertine blocks, and just as many pillars. The last two arches are now damaged but Kudin bridge still stands despite time and high waters in the winter.

The Kudin Bridge over 12 meter waterfall.

Krupa river is truly beautiful and still planning to take a kayak down the canyon and some waterfalls. But that also has to wait for Spring! ­čÖü
This is also one of the finest locations for hiking in Croatia offering wonderful, unspoiled vistas and water you can drink in incredibly authentic ambiance of Dalmatian hillside!

The cascades

We offer great hiking trip on this river since there is so much to see: from the Orthodox monastery up the river to the waterfalls in the canyon and on Zrmanja… This is a perfect place for folks running away from crowds and noise. Only the sound of river and birds. Magical!

Night sounds are reserved for (were)wolves and owls…

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  1. Rada says:

    Really stunning!!! Dalmatia is gorgeous!!

  2. Incredible photos — especially the view from the cave. Your blog and company, Secret Dalmatia, are perfectly named.

  3. @ Rada – seems like it’s getting even prettier ­čÖé
    @ Kristi – Thank you! Wait till I get a decent camera and shoot some videos!

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