Korta Katarina wines at Pelegrini restaurant

This past Thursday, we got invited to Pelegrini for a presentation of Korta Katarina wines. Knowing Rudi, we were sure that the meals will be as exciting!

The night did not start well: it was SNOWING! And the roads were pure ice reminding me of some back roads in Massachusetts back when I lived there. Not prepared for snow conditions, we drove very slowly and it took us almost and hour to reach Šibenik. But Korta Katarina is so popular that I simply had to see what the fuss was all about.

Korta Katarina at Pelegrini

The menu was quite exciting: baked octopus, tuna fish cubes, veal sous vide
Everything was perfectly cooked and arranged!
And the price, 140 Kn, or about 28 USD was simply not worth mentioning!

The menu for the event

Due to terrible weather, there were only 15 of us at the presentation.

The wines were presented by the Korta Katarina’s marketing guy: Mr. Marko Pavlak

He introduced the winery, a bit of the company history (recently opened American-Croatian winery) and the future. Their web site is still under development: http://kortakatarinawinery.com/
I was particularly interested in hearing more on their wine tour programs since this is the winery that HAS to be visited! They recognized the tremendous potential of Pelješac wines and decided to make the most of it.

Tuna - Tuna s juga

The wines of Korta Katarina are simply some of the best wines currently produced in Croatia but, I trust what they say: this is nothing compared to what they will produce in the future. Pošip, rose, plavac… very fruity and perfect for pairing with food! We also got to taste their reserva, but that was so heavy that it will take some time till it forms completely. Very, very strong wine with great potential but simply not there yet. That is why it is not in stores yet. But make sure, for GREAT experience, to pick up a bottle of Plavac! Simply stunning!

Cherry mustard with cheese for dessert

It is just a pity that not more local people enjoy this types of events! Rudi is trying really hard to put Šibenik on the gastronomy map of Croatia but the locals don’t recognize it. I guess we are still more into “mixed meat platters”, lamb on spit etc, etc… Nothing wrong with those, but tasting something different is always a great pleasure. That’s why I always recommend Pelegrini for my clients and never heard a bad comment!

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  1. miki boj says:

    ajme… raj za osjetila.

  2. Čiovka says:

    Često takvi ljudi ne budu prepoznati na lokalnoj razini. Ljudi jednostavno mahnu….. ma pusti…. vidi budalu.
    A je li ona pečena hobotnica bila ispod peke? 🙂

  3. @ mikiboj – stvarno izvrsno veče! (p.s. – luda stranica!)

    @ ciovka – znaš kako je… Kod nas je još uvik ono “velik pijat, u pijatu ništa” mišljenje za ovakve događaje.
    al ne dam im gušta! I po snigu iden samo da ovakve stvari održimo i da se radi na kvaliteti. Imamo ludnica spizu i tribamo je samo prezentirat kako triba.
    Hobotnica je bila iz peći i nije ka ona pod pekon ali je isto bila odlična!

  4. evon opet ponavjan…lipo da lipje ne more bit…pozdrav iz Beča ledeno je za poludit a sniga do kolina…pusu za R…

  5. markop says:

    Thank you Alan. This is great revue. I really did enjoy very much that night. Wish the weather was batter.

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