Zeleni Hrast in Islam Latinski – The mysterious Green Oak of Ravni Kotari

Dalmatia still hides numerous secrets and fascinating places and monuments. One of the often overlooked, standing by the main road from Zagreb to Zadar, is the green oak in Islam Latinski some 20 Km north of Zadar. Not exactly a mystery since the botanists studied (and continue to) this magnificent tree for decades. It is called GREEN since it does not loose leaves in fall like normal oaks. It was then confirmed that this single specimen green oak is a unique hybrid of Quercus cerris and Quercus suber oak species.

Zeleni hrast
Zeleni hrast

Another name connected to this oak was Wolf’s Oak since it was believed to be magical but also as it was visible from distances and used as a border in the ancient divisions and conflicts. This region has seen numerous battles between the Venice and Turks that ruled this area at the time! Although this tree is about 250 years old, it is known, from the documents, that another oak of the same species existed on the same spot in different periods in the past! It has become a symbol of Croatian existence in this troubled area…

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