Best restaurants in Croatia – Cantinetta in Skradin

Gastronomic traditions of Skradin are famous on our coast! This foodie mecca is famous for great sea food, traditional pršut ham, wines, cakes like skradinska torta… The most famous of all is the Skradin risotto :cooked for 10 hours but the actual recipe is inherited within the local families and is kept a secret!

One of the temples of traditional Skradin cuisine is (was) the famous Cantinetta restaurant owned by Tomo Računica. Located near the entrance to Skradin (from Šibenik) it is one of the most popular restaurants in Skradin.


This wonderful Sunday we took some friends to Skradin for lunch and the obvious choice was Cantinetta.
Since we eat light and prefer fish over meat, we started with octopus salad and marinated shrimp. Fresh and tasty – just like they have to be!

Marinated shrimp
Marinated shrimp

Cantinetta used to serve a great variety of fusion dishes, local dishes with a modern twist… but they gave up after majority of clients were still going for simple (yet delicious) grilled fish and other seafood.

So we continued also light Famous čokalice was a perfect transition to the next meal: white and black risotto.
Čokalice are small fish with specific taste due to the fact that they grow in the salty/sweet waters of Prukljan lake where Krka river touches the salt water of the Adriatic. These small fish are best compared to “cento in bocca” but the taste is far superior!

Čokalice - whats left...
Čokalice - whatt's left...

Nearly full, we wanted something for dessert but Skradinska torta was not available so we ordered a portion of grilled scampi :))) Sweet as candy!

Scampi :))))))
Scampi :))))))

Sipped excellent Bibic Debit with all that and the meal was just perfect!

Cantinetta is easy to reach – only about 20 km from Šibenik and near the main parking in Skradin.

Address: Skradinskih svilara 7,
22222 Skradin

tel: (022) 771183
fax: (022) 771071
GSM: 091 1506434

If interested in unique food experiences in Cantinetta for couples or small groups (although the place can seat up to 50 indoors alone), let us know!

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