Forgotten Dalmatia Exhibition

Split’s Maritime Museum recently played host to an exhibition of old documents, organized by Igor Goleš, a local authority on postcards and the author of several monographs on the historic postcards of Dalmatia. The exhibition featured a range of documents from the collections of Goleš’s friends, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the history of Split and the surrounding region.

Igor Goleš

Goleš, who has spent years researching and collecting postcards, is well-respected in the local community for his expertise in this area. His monographs, which provide detailed accounts of the history and cultural significance of these unique artifacts, have been widely praised for their depth and accuracy. You can find out more about them, about Igor and even order books here:

The exhibition itself was a testament to Goleš’s dedication to preserving and sharing the history of his beloved city. Lately, Igor started collecting other paper documents. Featuring documents dating back to the 18th century, the exhibition offered visitors the chance to see firsthand the rich history of Dalmatia. From old postcards and photographs to handwritten letters and documents, the exhibition provided a fascinating look at the past.

Documents shibited

The Exhibition on Forgotten Dalmatia

Goleš’s passion for preserving and sharing the history of Dalmatia was evident in every aspect of the exhibition, and it is clear that this was a labor of love for him.

The Captains of Orebić
Images of Orebić Captains
Exhibition Forgotten Dalmatia
Lazzaro di Mamula poster

Overall, the exhibition of old documents at Split’s Maritime Museum is a great exhibition. It will be long remembered by those who had the opportunity to attend. With the support and expertise of Igor Goleš, the exhibition offered a unique and valuable look at the history of Dalmatia. It is clear that Goleš’s work will continue to be an important part of preserving the city’s rich history for future generations.

He also exhibited his “Crown Jewel” a small head of a Madonna dated to 1730. and attributed to Venetian master Cabianca who was active in these lands at that time.

1790 head of a Madonna by Venetian Master
Madonna by Cabianca, 1790

We are looking forward to next exhibition! I am sure there will be more as this is a true treat for all of us who love Dalmatia.