Purple valley of Dalmatia

There is a phenomenon that I just recently found out about. It is a completely purple valley that appears every May in the countryside of Dalmatia. It is just stunning to see millions of purple flowers in a secluded, almost hidden valley!

Purple Valley

The valley is located just below Ostrovica village in the countryside of Zadar and Šibenik. It is a tiny village best known for it’s hill with a massive rock that was surrounded by a well known fortress till 1680s. The village suffered greatly back in the War of independence back in 1990s and there are only a handful people living there now.

The valley of Ostrovica

The valley is a large, fertile field that was quite well known before the 1990s for its agriculture and still holds enormous potential. Today, there are just some small attempts of utilizing this massive valley. But, most of it is simply one large meadow.

Purple valley

Dalmatian Scilla – Scilla litardierei

The filed is pretty much one large lake during rainy winters. It comes to life with a variety of stunning and colorful flowers in the spring but a true spectacle is in mid to late May when the valley turns purple. The flower causing all that is a nativ Dalmatian flower: Dalmatian Scilla
(Scilla litardierei)

The purple valley!

So, what we have hear is a true local treasure. And the best thing is that it is pretty much unknown!
You will not see influencers but not even nature lovers in this valley while this phenomenon is taking place.

In the flowers

It is common in the meadows that get flooded in the winter but, outside Croatia, it is known as a garden flower. Also known as Meadow Squill produces large pale blue flower heads made up of tiny star shaped blooms that rise above broad dark green foliage.

It is known as a very hardy and easy to grow plant, and each bulb may produce several stems producing a stunning display. Prefers full sun to part shade position ideal as a cut flower (with a good vase life) and perfect for pots and containers. Flowers late Spring and into Summer.

One can get it all over the US and UK as a garden plant.

But I prefer to enjoy it in its natural habitat. Quite unreal place!

Bribirska glavica in the distance

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