Pršut Festival of Drniš

Pršut is one of the iconic delicacies of Dalmatia. And not only of Dalmatia but the entire region is proud of their dried hams: Istra, Krk, Montenegro… But Dalmatians say there is no pršut like the one from Drniš.

So, there is no better place to start an international festival than Drniš, the home of annual Prsut Festival

Here is the festival web site with all the details that are not really changing over the years:

For exact dates, be sure you visit the website for updated information.

The tradition dates long back but the proper standards and flavors that are making Drniš pršut so iconic were adopted back in the 1970s .

Today, only about dozen of local producers are still keeping the tradition alive.

And it is lovely to see them all so proud of their products.

There is also a wide selection of local cheese and honey available among other delicacies.

And the winner of Festival of Prsut 2019 is:

Really exceptional pršut!

So, if around Sibenik/Split region late in August, this is highly recommended for all foodies!


  1. Anna says:

    My late dida used to make prsut in his garage here in Australia. It was soooo good. I miss it.

  2. Alan - secretdalmatia says:

    I am always impressed how we take our tradition to the other end of the World!
    You should come over to taste the local pršut. Tradition is still strong despite problems.

  3. Anna says:

    Last time I had good Croatian prsut was 4 years ago. I must come back soon.

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