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I am not the biggest fan of Vodice and their vision of “tourism”. It used to be a great place some 25 – 30 years back but it is just a big mess now and I avoid it as much as I can. I also tell all my clients to stay away as there is nothing to see or do there. Until this year, I was only going there to eat at Santa Maria which is still at the same level as when it opened some 20 years ago (great meat and interior).

Vodice harbor
Vodice harbor

But this year, a foodie bloggers community started buzzing about a new place. Some girls opened a food bar and named it Bash Bash. I had to go and give it a try.
One August afternoon, we decided to stop there for late lunch and it took us a bit to find it as traffic in Vodice is horrible and I was not sure where the place was. It is located on the main promenade, near the old school and behind the great monument to all the fallen anti-fascists of Vodice. Actually, quite easy to find.

Bash Bash
Bash Bash

Vodice are filled with bad touristy restaurants that have not changed their menu from the mid 70s. And then something like this opens… Simply a great idea!

It would have been even a better idea if they served food all day but the kitchen opens for dinner at 5 PM and we got there about 4:30 PM. Couple of cold ones helped me while waiting.

Getting ready
Love the design!

The menu is just great! Nothing pretentious, nothing crazy but just a selection of great classics -prepared with a creative twist – combined with some interesting touches, creative salads and cool bites. It was hard to make a choice and definitely was creative enough to make us want to return to taste more.

BashBash menu
BashBash menu

The food was great as expected! We ordered quite a bit and enjoyed everything!

Green peas soup...
Green peas soup…
Colors of BashBash
Colors of BashBash

And we especially loved the desserts!

Loved it!
Loved it!

All in all: a great place!

We enjoyed the modern cuisine, interpretation of classic and superb value for money. The service was also great and the waiter from Slavonia was especially kind and accommodation.

I hope they are having a great season and will maybe stay open through (at least) October and come back next May.

Finally a great place to recommend in Vodice. And we will be back!

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