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Croatia has a nice variety of cheeses. Nowhere near as France or Italy but the ones we have are of superb quality. No matter if it is award winning Gligora sheep’s milk cheese or “sir iz mišine”, we have some great cheeses. But, it is not easy to find them. There are supermarkets and some delicacies stores but there are also ladies selling their own cheeses on green markets.
And then there is a kiosk owned by Mrs. Ljubica in Zadar. A category of it’s own.

Paški sir kiosk
Paški sir kiosk

This is a true temple of local cheeses and a must for every local and foodie in Zadar! The humble kiosk is located just to the right from the main entrance to the fish market in Zadar and it is just in the corner. Often overlooked… The main “theme” is, of course, home made cheese from Pag or “paški sir”, a delicacy that is finally getting the recognition outside of our borders where it has been known for ages as the “best cheese in the world”. You can find here several different paški cheeses and of different maturity. Really a superb selection!

Paški sir rounds
Paški sir rounds

All the cheeses here are from local producers no matter if they are from Pag Island or Lika region. Unfortunately, the hinterland of Zadar has suffered greatly in the past war and very few local cheeses are available in general. Some rare cheeses like the very superb cheese of Tkon, Pašman Island, is now gone. Many swear that it was much better than the cheese of Pag. Now it just remains a legend…

But, there are others to enjoy: goat’s milk cheese, famous “škripavac”, cow’s milk cheese from Lika…

The selection
The selection

And there is skuta or pujina. This is a very special cottage cheese and the best is, by far, from the island of Pag. It hits the market in January (depends on the season) and, as soon as it is available, it is on our table. We usually enjoy it with olive oil but it can be served as dessert when served with honey or, the old school way, sprinkled with sugar.
Among other delicacies one can get here, are local beans, sausages, bacon and “pečenica” – all home made and all superb!

In any case, no visit to Zadar’s green market is complete without visiting this temple of cheeses and local delicacies!

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  1. For a while there was an excellent cheese shop in Bobovisca, Brac and I used to visit directly by boat. Sadly I hear it’s gone now

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