Ancient roads of Klis fortress

One hot afternoon I decided to join my friend Lino in his continuous effort to discover ancient roads of Split’s hinterland. As a very important area throughout the past, the Split/Salona area was always connected with the interior of the region: Zagora, Hercegovina, Bosnia…and all the way to Panonia. Klis fortress was always the most important fortification on that route and well fortified from Illyirian times.

Klis fortress...from the hill above
Klis fortress…from the hill above

So, we started our search by climbing the hill above Klis in order to, at least, get a better idea of the region and where the potential roads could have passed through. And also, to enjoy a unique panorama of this famous fortress from high above.

And then we found it…

The road
The road

The section of finely aligned side blocks were clearly marking the ancient road. The typical method of building roads has been applied on numerous roads in the area and I documented one near Benkovac: Roman roads of Dalmatia

And these were just a bit more narrow. Of course, although this looks like a Roman road, we cannot be sure until we find more of it or someone does a competent research as we are not archaeologists and not allowed to do any works on sites like these. We can only admire.

Lino on the road
Lino on the road

And we continued up the hill to enjoy the view of the Klis fortress enjoying a fantastic selection of local flowers and plants in full bloom!




Just another wonderful hiking in Dalmatia

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    Fantastic post! I love the fact you found an ancient road.

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