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Since the new “Restaurant Week” is just around the corner, I thought of posting few photos from the last one – from this past fall – when we visited two restaurants in Zagreb. Although “Restaurant Week ” is national event, Zagreb has the most interesting participants and it is quite fun to explore some restaurants that are usually not on my “to visit” list.

Menu at Apetiti City
Menu at Apetit City

The basic idea is simple and same worldwide: the restaurants that join this event have a special menu offered at 100 kn (cc 15 Euros) per menu and menu usually consists of three courses and, in some cases, even a glass of wine.

First place we visited was Apetit City – a city version of more famous and more popular Apetit located a bit further away from the very city center and not so accessible on foot if you like to roam the very heart of Zagreb. Apetit City is a stylish, modern restaurant with great service that we visited before but they had quite an appealing menu so we made a reservation for lunch that day.

The interior
The interior

Once we got there, the place was half full but it got fairly busy within minutes. We ordered both menus just to see full range of food served. Although I was afraid that they may cut corners, that was not the case. The portions were regular and food very good.

Lamb confit served on forest mushrooms and polenta
Lamb confit served on forest mushrooms and polenta

and for those into fish…

Sea bream on Mediterranean vegetables
Sea bream on Mediterranean vegetables

Overall, great value for 100 Kn! I always recommend Apetit City to my clients when traveling to Croatia with us and staying in Zagreb as it is conveniently located within the very city center.

Next day we wanted to go another place of the same style so we decided to go to upscale  Le Bistro at Regent Esplanade.

Bistro at Regent Esplanade
Bistro at Regent Esplanade

The ambient is quite lovely: very clean and upscale looking although on a casual side like a bistro should be.  The menu was also quite interesting and especially quail and traditional štrukli Regent’s other restaurant, The Zinfandel, is famous for. However, the service was not as good  – it was more formal and “cold” then in other restaurants we visited. Very few suggestions coming from the staff and not even trying to sell us wine or anything else.

Quail was ok
Quail was ok

The food did not quite meet our expectations either… The tastes were very plain and something was missing in almost every dish we ordered. Even the strukli were not as good as expected.
Overall, Le Bistro at Regent Esplanade was mediocre experience and would go there just if there is no other place near by. Will have to go to Zinfandel next time just to make sure that the entire culinary offer of this superb hotel did not get lost!

Restaurant Week in Croatia –
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Le Bistro at Regent Esplanade –


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  1. Wish there were a few places open here that would participate!! Have a visit to Split on Friday, will see if we can find somewhere there that is participating. Sounds like fun.

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