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Harley Days Croatia – Biograd 2011

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It is over now. Crazy weekend is behind us… The weekend when our small town turned into Sturgis hosting the biggest Harley Davidson Rally in Europe in 2011 – The 20th H.O.G. Rally!

Biograd is small – 5000 inhabitants – and we hosted a crowd of about 10 000 bikers  from all over! And, apparently, every single one of them had a strange notion to make the most possible noise just by passing under our window. Several times a day…

Enter the Harley Davidson realm
Enter the Harley Davidson realm

The event started on the 26th of May but we had hordes of bikers days before that. Typical HD crowds gathered from all over for this quite interesting and colorful event.

Pretty side of the rally
Pretty side of the event
Crazy crowds from one Swiss chapter
Crazy crowds from one Swiss chapter
Dunno what this has to do with bikes but...
Dunno what this has to do with bikes but...

The whole town was under the siege of thousands and thousands of bikers. They had their hog stores, bars, stages… Typical bikers iconography was everywhere! The party was, of course, going all night long and the morning sun woke up hundreds lying all over the town! But there were no serious incidents and everyone seemed just very positive about everything and just interesting in having a good time.

Tight security
Tight security

Bikes are not my thing but some of them were simply great pieces of art!

How do you ride this?
How do you ride this?

And few of them had some interesting solutions how to avoid getting dry while on the road… Is there “Don’t drink and ride” policy?

Mr. Davidson and Mr. Daniels
Gentlemen Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson riding with Mr. Daniels

Best part of the event were the colorful gangs that came from as far as US and Saudi Arabia (I saw a Riyadh Chapter flag!) and made our sleepy town a center of Europe for at least one weekend and for at least in something. Next year this show goes to Spain so this was a unique opportunity to see so many bikes in one place. Especially the very special 10 000 bikes strong and 6 kilometers long parade on Saturday when the bikes rode from Zadar to Biograd.

Too bad you cannot hear them!
Too bad you cannot hear them!
The icon!
The icon!

The organization was very good with almost no problems apart from expected parking problems. The whole town is still half deaf after this weekend but we will recover soon with pictures (and sounds) of colorful folks and their great bikes forever riding in our memories.


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