Secret Waterfalls Of Dalmatia – Bilusica buk

Our Facebook profile proved to be a great source of excellent people to meet and to learn more on Dalmatia and Croatia in general. There are many still hidden places well worth traveling to so, when our friend Jelena Burza invited us to visit tiny Radučić village, we just waited for nice weather to drive there.
Jelena explained everything and, although I know Bukovica region quite well, I have never before visited Radučić. It is a typical Bukovica village that consists of several small hamlets and some of them are not so easy to find.

Promina mountain seen from Radučić

Once we got there, we met Jelena and her family and decided to take advantage of a last hour of sunlight to go to the waterfall. Bilusica buk. This waterfall and the entire area is considered to be one of the wildest parts of Krka river and I was really looking forward to visiting.

Hidden in the woods...

Jelena took us down the centuries old path that her ancestors used to take to reach the mills next to the waterfall. It is a very scenic path but the real beauty awaits once you reach the waterfall! The Bilusica buk is spectacular! Especially so in the fall and all high rainfall seasons.

The waterfall

This waterfall has been lowered by several interventions: in 1834.,1895.,1953. and 1954. All that was done to stop the flooding of Knin field and Knin town itself. It is now 22 meters high and what we see now is just a shadow of once mighty waterfall. Lowering the waterfall, made the big Bobodol lake disappear…

We were lucky to visit in the time of high water to experience all the power of this waterfall but definitely coming back in spring and summer to see what it is like here when everything is in bloom and green. The mills area is just wonderful!

Sunset over Krka

The Sun is setting rapidly in winter days (ok, late fall) and we were climbing out of the canyon to see more of the area and the sunset over river.
Jelena’s parents cooked peka for us and that was a heavenly experience as peka always is :)))

Peka on the table

This area is well off the beaten path for even the locals and only few adventurous tourists come here in the summer. It should be promoted better as the entire area of Bukovica and upper flow of Krka as the region is one of the last parts of Croatia offering authentic experiences away from masses. The views, the hikes and the food, deserve all attention they can get!

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