Eating out in Zagreb

Unlike here in Dalmatia, Zagreb has a great offer of international restaurants. From Indian to Chinese, pasta to sushi… But, of all international cuisines, Thai food has been my favorite for a long time. Last time in Zagreb we decided to go to Opium oriental bar for some Thai tastes.

Opium Oriental Bar

Opium is located in Branimir center – a shopping mall in the center of Zagreb so it is not really the best place in the lovely days of Spring and Summer but more of an escape in the grim winter days. A nice place with interesting food is always a good escape.
The interiors are quite lovely and typical for this type of a restaurant. This is also a bar so part of the space is designed to accommodate bar clientele.

The bar area

My future brother-in-law Mario told us that the food was not so good about a year ago. He complained that it was too dry but we still decided to visit. And we did not regret it… Of course, I have no idea what we ordered – I remember only grilled duck – but everything was very delicious!

Not sure what this is but very tasty!

I am a lousy food blogger… I can only say that we had a lovely meal and not what we ate! I will have to start taking notes. And more photos.

Branimirova 29 (Branimir centar)
tel: +385 1 461 56 79

Mon – Thurs: 08:00 – 01:00
Frid – Satur: 08:00 – 02:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 00:30

Since I did not find their deserts appealing, we decided to grab something on our way to our flat. As Zagreb has a fairly interesting (but very small) patisserie scene we just had to take our pick. The Orient was too far so we opted to go to Cukeraj.

The temple of great cakes!

Located in a very depressing area of Jarun green market, on Pakoštanska street just across from the main building – Cukeraj looked to us so dislocated from the location where they should be: I would put the store in some beautiful park. I am sure the ladies who own it would too but, the times are tough and sunny park or some other more central location will just have to wait.

The artwork on the wall

Luckily, the cakes at Cukeraj were a diametrically opposite experience to the views of the neighborhood!
We took home a selection of their chocolate cakes and the 4 Colors of Chocolate was simply a superb experience. Cannot wait to go back!
See their offer here at their own web site: as I completely forgot to take photos when I got my hands on these cakes :)))

I HAVE to try them all!
Address: Pakoštanska 12, Zagreb (just across Jarun green market)
Phone: 01/3020 154, 099/222 3687

Monday 12:00 – 20:00
Tuesday – Sunday 8:30 – 20:00
Holidays Closed

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