Late summer walk in the woods

This past weekend we wanted to check the woods for mushrooms. Although it did not really rain for a while, we still wanted to see if there is anything there but also to get out in the fresh air.
The place where we always go was quiet and beautiful as always. But no mushrooms…

Common blue (Polyommatus icarus) - Plavac in Croatian

So we decided to spend more time exploring the fascinating woods and to enjoy a beautiful late summer afternoon. We were not alone, of course. Constantly watched by the hundreds of little eyes we found wonderful creatures still running and flying around. Like praying mantis…

Praying mantis (mantis religiosa) - bogomoljka in Croatian

And while the others looked for blackberries…

Still good!

…I was more interested in finding different insects. Some of them were not that easy to spot. Check these three out!

Master of disguise!
Another lovely member of Phasmaidae family...
Beautiful!...only if you can spot it!

The woods and meadows are full of life: grasshoppers jumping in all directions, birds preparing for long winter or flying south, spiders catching their last prey

This is one of Croatia's largest spiders -Wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi) or Osoliki pauk

Many more spiders, insects of all sizes and shapes…flew or jumped by us. It is still hard to say good bye to summer…

The storm is coming...

… but the beautiful fall is just starting today!

Hopefully, more luck with mushrooms in few weeks!

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  1. Rada says:

    Not just “like”! This is awesome!! Animals are magnificent, all sizes…

  2. Kristijan says:

    Just stopping by to say Hi after a while, – to another post that stands out because of its simplicity that may have meaning only to us who live or have lived surrounded by this simplicity šŸ™‚

  3. @ Kristijan – nicely put!

  4. PAUL SAMPSON says:

    Amazing photography – really bring this blog alive! Plus a list of Croatian Blogs to look at. What more is needed?

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