Santa Maria restaurant in Vodice – something a bit different

Sometimes I get a call from my clients asking if they can have something different than the, for the most part, same menu all over the coast. One place I recommend, for those in Zadar and Šibenik area, is definitely a wonderful and unique Santa Maria in Vodice as one of my favorite restaurant.

Very unique ambiance

The menu – a mix of Mexican – Croatian – Italian favorites – still holds after over 10 years. Simply because there are no alternatives or anything similar to this. And their own pizza bread is superb!
Another recognizable details were always floors filled with peanut shells and animals like big parrots or really big rooster walking around.(unfortunately gone after an accident)

And then the interiors…

All sorts of stuff and details

Santa Maria has always been known for the unique interiors filled with hundreds and hundreds of various things: everything from business cards and post cards to the rare antiques and valuable works of art. Everything on the walls talks about Vodice, traditions, history… and the artist behind the restaurant – Šime Pelajić – Brunac. It was his travels that inspired him to open this unique place that celebrates all senses and keeps you coming back as you simply cannot see everything in one visit – even if you arrive in early afternoon like we usually do. Brunac is also known for his campaigns to improve Croatian tourism and he is a very colorful character.

Another room...

But back to food.
The main reason I go to Santa Maria are not the Mexican dishes or the funky pizzas, it is good ol’ meat. The steak and mixed meat platter are simply superb!
So, if looking for a great meat place (not extraordinary but simply great), Santa Maria is the place for you!
Their Mexican dishes are great as well!

A bit of Mexico

Santa Maria is on the main entrance (from Zadar) to Vodice and can hardly be missed. The restaurant is open year round with reduced hours in the winter (and very busy for Valentines!).
The prices are regular and the portions quite big as I always have trouble eating it all.

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  1. prozorudom says:

    ah interijer mi je super..koji bi to bio stil?? “ne bacaj ništa-možda posluži”? prvom prilikom navraćam tamo 🙂

  2. @ prozorudom – jos bih prosirio “stil” na “pokupi sve što nađeš – i stavi na zid”

    ali je jako zanimljivo u svakom slučaju i nema šanse da se sve vidi na prvom posjetu 🙂

  3. prozorudom says:

    pa ako je klopa dobra nema problema više puta doći i sve podrobno proučiti 😉

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