Cooking Tours in Croatia – all new for 2010!

Our Culinary – Croatia is the only site that specializes in food and wine travel in Croatia. There are several agencies that sell wine tours and some other experiences but this is the only site that is just for food and wine travel in Croatia.

Every year, we introduce a different, “once in a lifetime” tour that we never repeat. This year we have a similar tour to the last year’s but with addition of great Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik with one class with Rudi.

Bellow are the photos from a day class at Pelegrini held for one of our clients – Mrs. Mari Jo Janke from Wisconsin.

Chef Rdi making a special dressing

The class at Pelegrini starts with visit to the market and making of two sorts of bread: olive and bacon.

Making bread!

And then depends on the freshest ingredients found on the market, preferences of the group and the inspiration of Rudi. He is always very enthusiastic and gives 200% to the group or any number of the participants!

The bread is ready!
The shrimp are ready!

This particular lesson includes visit to the market, cooking 4 dishes, wine and water with food and during the lesson. And, of course, Rudi as your mentor!
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