Best restaurants in Croatia – Restoran Toni, Tisno (Island Murter)

Recently we stopped at Toni restaurant after hearing about great chocolate cake they serve. We decided to go for a dinner and have a bit of everything. This restaurant is famous for sea food and they take particular care in getting the best.

Toni Restaurant

We started with their famous sea food apetizers. I ordered all just to have a taste: tuna carpaccio, octopus salami, anchovies, fabulous conger eel pâté and simply amazing marinated cuttle fish!
This last one alone is worth the visit!

The apetizers

One of the tastiest things served, and is always on the menu, is their bread. Especially with these apetizers and the pâté!
We went with French wine for this occasion. 2004 Chateau Thieuley Merlot was a very good choice although I am not very fond of French wines.

For main course, we went with Toni’s personal favorite: Orada u tisno (Gilthead in tisno). Hard to explain but recipe, originating in south Dalmatia and Calabria in Italy, is a somewhat unique way of preparing fish.
The fish is cooked in a covered dish with water and tomatoes merely covering it. This ensures that all the tastes interlace in an unique blend that gives baked/cooked taste and tomato sauce, that comes with it, is simply superb!
This gilthead was almost 3 Lbs and that is plenty for two!

Gilthead seabream "u tisno"

By this time we were almost full!
Not good when you know that we just came for the desert :))

And what desert!
Just recently I had few chocolate cake sin Paris but non of those fancy chocolate cakes are mach to this one!
Simply worth the visit even if you are coming from Australia!

The Perfection!

If you like chocolate, and who doesn’t, this is it! The journey is over.
In combination with chilled Kabola Muskat that we always have, this is simply a superb experience!

Restaurant Toni is located in their family home that rents rooms and apartments. It is on the main road to Murter and it is just on the curve after the bridge. Has a parking and you can even come by boat since it is right on the sea.

You can go to their web site directly or contact us for booking your experience at Culinary – Croatia

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