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Sand beaches in Croatia – Kraljičina (Queen’s) Beach in Nin

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Sandy beaches in Croatia are not as rare as many travelers think! Those that stretch for miles are rare, though. Patches of sand and small sandy beaches are found almost down the entire coast but most of the coastline is rugged and rocky with rocky and pebbly beaches.

One of the areas that has only sand beaches is Nin area near Zadar that continues all the way to Privlaka peninsula to the north. Miles of sand!

Kraljičina beach in Nin
Kraljičina beach in Nin

The entire lagoon of Nin is made of sand and mud and it shifts it’s shape depending on the weather, wind, sea… The sand found here is not the fine one known on the beaches on the oceans. The feeling is not as smooth as when touching or walking on that one but it is still sand: soft, easy to walk on and perfect for children building sandcastles and “harbors”…

Popular beach for families
Popular beach for families

This beach is very close to Nin town and there are several signs pointing to it so it is quite easy to find it once you reach Nin. Parking is in the small pine forest and there is a fee in the summer months due to crowds but now, in September, the crowds are gone and no one charges for parking.

The most popular part is the one overlooking the town of Nin but the beach stretches for miles around the peninsula and all the way to village of Privlaka. This area is also quite popular for wind surfing and kite surfing due to great winds!

Kite surfing!
Kite surfing!

Another VERY popular feature of this particular beach (and entire area) are the peloids – the healthy mud.
It can be found in the shallow parts of the lagoon. The peloid of Nin is famous in Croatia (and outside the borders!) for the healthy effect it has on one’s skin, rheumatic diseases and other bone related conditions. It is the largest peloid location anywhere in Europe and it has been known since the ancient Roman times!

So, if you see very black people coming your way, don’t run but ask them where they found the mud. Usually, there are few people applying it and you will be able to spot them easily.

Apply it evenly...
Apply it evenly...

Apply the mud on your body – have someone do it on your back – and relax for about 20 minutes. Wash it off in the sea and that is it!
Your skin will feel like baby’s!

We are enjoying nice weather in September but the summer is almost over…

The weather change approaching...
The weather change approaching...

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