Croatian restaurants – Pojoda, Vis Island

I have decided to start reviewing the restaurants I go to and what better place to start with but the “legendary” Pojoda on Vis Island!
This place has created a mythical aura based on the local cuisine and traditional dishes all “spiced up” by the chef Zoran Brajčić who, although born in Zagreb, returned to the island of his fathers to open a restaurant.
Ever since, this is a place you don’t want to miss on your cruises in Dalmatia or if staying on Vis!

My son waiting for the food in Pojoda garden
My son waiting for the food in Pojoda garden

The restaurant is located in one of the traditional palaces in Kut – part of Vis town – and near a small port that gets filled with boats rather quickly in high season so you may end up anchoring or staying further away. But that should not be a problem since Vis is just beautiful!
Pojoda is not a big restaurant with maybe 80 seats so it may be good to call and reserve in advance:

T +385 21 711 575

Pojorski bronzinic - whats left :(((
Pojorski bronzinic - what's left :(((

The food is traditional and very specific to Vis. According to the stories, in the past centuries fishermen of Vis and Komiza sailed as far as the coasts of Spain and Portugal where they picked up the art of mixing the beans with fish stew so now we have meals like bean brodetto that is a combination unique only to Vis. It is basically a dish that combines traditional fish stew with beans.
The most famous offspring of that dish is Pojorski bronzinic – a perfectly balanced mixture of lentil and squid stew that brings all the best of both!
I was so anxious to taste it that I forgot to take the picture before it was too late!

Next, we decided to go with interesting cold appetizers although Pojoda is known for great fish and lobster dishes.
Tuna in capers sauce and the octopus burger is something we would highly recommend! Both are prepared of best ingredients available and with local herbs that give that special flavor!

Tuna in capers sauce and octopus burgers
Tuna in caper's sauce and octopus burgers

Although there are some good local wines on the wine list, we went with house wine made of Plavac mali grapes and it was a good choice.
I had a glass of exceptional Svilicic Vugava so that will be my choice for another occasion (hopefully soon!)

Pojoda is really one of the better restaurants on the coast although, I have heard, that their service is too slow. We do not have that problem but even if we waited for over an hour, it would have been worth it!
Pojoda is open year long from lunch to dinner which is really rare on the islands!

Till next time...
Till next time...

Next time we are going with squid but it is really hard to choose from so many great and authentic meals that cannot be found anywhere else…

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