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Zadar Shore Excursions – Wine Tasting in Skradin

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Busy week! The private shore excursions are at their peak and we are busy all over the coast with tours and shore excursions happening from Dubrovnik to Zadar. Only recently Zadar became an important stop for cruise ships and that is a pity since there is so much to see and do in Zadar area. A capital of Dalmatia for 1000 years, it is a true gem and it’s hinterland is filled with numerous spectacular sights and stories.

Azamara Journeys in Zadar
Azamara Journeys in Zadar

We are just moving in with our own, original shore excursions and, when we got a request from Mrs. Susie Burke for a day trip, we know exactly what to go with. Most of the travelers on upscale cruises are well traveled and educated so they are looking for unique experiences. They don’t like bus tours offered by the cruise companies that are not only of low quality, but also overpriced: mediocre guides, bad food and low cost wines…
Not on our programs!
We left Zadar at about 7:40 AM and headed straight to Skradin with a brief stop at Vrana village to see the Templar fortress and some interesting historic ruins. We drove through the countryside: beautiful in early May! After about an hour, we reached the village of Plastovo – “the headquarters” of Alen Bibich’s wine production and wine tasting experience. He has recently added a small building/store for private groups and wine tasting.

Alen Bibich personally serving his wine...
Alen Bibich personally serving his wine...

Of course, since we are friends, Alen was there to meet us and to personally talk about his wines. The usual servings included white Riserva and few other of his most popular wines but he added his own Maraschino as the group was curious about that, once famous and originally from Zadar, drink.
Servings of food were just to bring the most interesting features of wine and the group particularly enjoyed the local almonds!

The grapas and brandys of Bibich
The grapas and brandys of Bibich

But the tour did not end there! The tastes of this wonderful region expend far beyond the banks of Krka River so we include the exclusive lunch at Pelegirini restaurant
We arrived to Šibenik and took a short walk to the restaurant along the palaces and the amazing Cathedral.
Lunch was waiting for us to be served: the asparagus omelet with local truffles and snails (excellent!). Then the steak cubes with chick pea/lentil croquets and finally, the AMAZING almond desert! The desert is out of this world! Spectacular!

The lunch
The lunch

Two sorts of wine were served and the group particularly enjoyed Riserva as I requested that to be included. There was also a lovely Bibich Ambra desert wine to go with the desert.

And it was 1 PM and we had to head back. Unfortunately, there was no time to tour some additional places but I took the group through Zadar’s historic center so they at least get a glimpse of the fabulous treasures hidden in this city before they got back on the ship.

Well, all I can say that groups like this are pure pleasure to work with and to spend some time with. And, since the quality guides are rare in Zadar, I personally took them on a tour and it was soo refreshing to spend some time out of the office!

Chef Rudi explaining the desert
Chef Rudi explaining the desert

For more original tours in Zadar area and cooking/wine tasting programs contact us at


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  1. Nice to see that you are organizing tours to visit top wineries along the Dalmatian coast such as Bibich. We are happy to offer these and other fine Croatian wines in the U.S. so when you are back home you can remember your trip to Dalmatia with a good glass of Croatian wine.

    -frank Blue Danube Wine Co.

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