Lakes of Biskupija

Biskupija is known for its history and its lakes. The region – known as Kosovo in the past – is just a mile or so from downtown Knin. It was the seat of Croatian bishops from 9th to 11th century and there are numerous remains of ancient churches.
These magical lakes make Biskupija a very special place!

Šarena jezera – Colorful lakes of Biskupija

Šarena jezera are the most popular and best known lakes of Biskupija. It is easy to locate the lakes as they can be seen from the car on the main road from Knin to Biskupija. The lakes are basically three lakes and two bigger springs. A lot of fish has been imported to these lakes so they are abundant with fish. The lakes are over 11 meters deep and some accounts say the deepest one if 30 meters deep.

The lakes these days, are different from the ones found on old military maps. I assume they have been shape shifting forever. The round one seems to be here for a while!

There are numerous other lakes nearby so lots more to explore.

Bračića Jezero

Now this was a complete mystery to me. Luckily, my friend told me that she stumbled upon it when visiting nearby Old Popovići village. There are no signs to this place so we had to guess where to turn left on the road from Biskupija.

Bračića Lake

This is one spectacular spot! And, while I know A LOT of the cool spots in the region, a complete mystery to me. I felt so great that there are still completely unknown places!

Lake seen from above

Bračića lake looks like one of those karst lakes/ponds that appear with big rains. I assume it is much smaller or it even disappears during long summer droughts. However, it can be seen on old maps so it is definitely and important water source.

The 19th century Austrian Military map

I did not even know of the small guard tower overlooking the lake. This place I have to visit! Apparently, it is from 14th century and it can be seen on old maps as well.

Of course, Knin area has a LOT more fantastic places to discover and see so I will combine this visit with some other special places. Or maybe just head to Krčić spring. I have not been there in a while.

Here is the video of lakes of Biskupija.