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Heart Shaped Island romantic picnic – Galesnjak

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The latest craze in searches on Croatia is the heart shaped island – Galešnjak near Turanj. Being one of the few natural objects in the shape of heart on the face of the Earth, it became widely popular this past Valentines when several major TV companies and newspapers told the story of this little island. The avalanche started: the owners, from Mrljane village on Pašman island, could not keep up with all the calls.

Heart shaped island - Galešnjak in pašman channel
Heart Shaped Island - Galešnjak in Pašman channel

Then we received the email from Mr. Todd requesting a proposal for a short picnic on the island. It took us several days before we confirmed the entire program since we had to see if everything will be doable. After all, last time I was on Galešnjak, was in 1990. when diving in the vicinity… I had some plans to start this program but with all the projects happening, it became impossible to concentrate on it so fast.

So, we managed to organize everything, get the boat and it was just the matter of executing everything well on the actual day – April 17, Friday.
We got strict instructions to hide the picnic basket and to pretend that this was just a regular trip. But it was not. Mr. Todd brought along his fiance and her friend since they were visiting Croatia for a few days. The plan was to propose his fiance after he explains her that they were on the heart shaped island! Very romantic and very unique!

The day was gorgeous...
The day was gorgeous...

The day started as a total disaster – heavy rain and winds. We got in touch at 9 AM and I did not want to cancel ( I hate cancellations!) so we decided to wait to the last moment. Went to get all the supplies and food we ordered: goat cheese with truffles, truffle sausage, olive pate, strawberries…and the bottle of Moet. Really the best stuff we could have gotten for this event.

Picnic lunch setup...
Picnic lunch setup...

But, as the saying goes: God likes good people – the weather changed completely! By the time they have reached the meeting point in Turanj, the weather was beautiful: warm and sunny! April in Croatia is so unpredictable! We met and they hopped into the boat for a 10 minute ride. When we reached the island, they went for a short climb through the bushes and spent some time enjoying the views.
I, in the meanwhile, got the picnic stuff out and prepared everything.
Once they came back, they were even more hungry so they enjoyed the small meal and the champagne.

Mr. Todd and his wife to be.
Mr. Todd and his wife to be.
Kiwis enjoying the sun!
Kiwis enjoying the sun!

When they finished, we returned to the starting point after a brief boat ride around the island.
I was so happy that the weather turned beautiful for them! And I got a day out of the office 🙂
>This picnic will become part of our regular offer on both web site and

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