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Food and Wine of Croatia – Pelegrini Restaurant

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Pelegrini restaurant is simply a gem in Croatian culinary offer. Especially on this part of the coast!
While Zagreb has several really lovely and progressive restaurants, Dalmatia lives only in the summer when the tourists arrive.
Pelegrini is trying to change that. Open year round, Pelegrini is setting new standards in local cuisine.

Rudi, the owner and the chef, is working hard on combining traditional ingredients of superb quality into the modern and sophisticated dishes. All that with a great wine list composed of local and best Italian and French wines!

Something to start with...
Something to start with...

Passionate about gastronomy, Rudi works hard on every meal coming out of the kitchen. He spends a great deal of his time learning and improving – constantly looking for new ways to present our fish, meat or simple seasonal joys like asparagus or pujina cheese.
This restaurant is a product of love and devotion proven every time when you see Rudi behind the counter or at the market carefully selecting best produce for the day…

The treasures...
The treasures...

Pelegrini is the place where we take our clients. Only the best is always served and our menu is usually an original one that cannot be arranged otherwise. It is a combination of slow food spectacle and wine tasting and we usually suggest only Bibich wines
Not once we have received a call at 11PM with our clients raving about the event!!!!

A labour of love...
A labour of love...

Not only for special dinners, Pelegrini is a spectacle for our Cooking Classes! Part of our Culinary Croatia project, Pelegrini offers wonderful cooking classes at specially prepared room next door.

Samples of lessons:
Angler fish served with an almond sauce and ricotta and zucchini biscuits
Sea-bass fillets with dalmatian truffles and goat cheese sauce (honey roasted cheese)

Pork loin served in a horseradish sauce with pears and honey ( baked capsicum stuffed with mozzarella)
Veal shanks in a sherry juicewith roasted vegetables

The views...
The views...

Highly recommended for travelers, Pelegrini is one of the best restaurants in Dalmatia. Visit it on your own or as a part of your Secret Dalmatia tour in Croatia for elegant food and wine experience of Dalmatia.

Rudi Štefan - the chef!
Rudi Štefan - the chef!

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