The Lost Sarcophagus

This summer, a friend of mine started working on an archaeology dig near Oklaj. There was a lost sarcophagus in the fields and, finally, the local museum got some funds to do a proper research. Of course, it was long known but now some real archaeology is behind the find and excavating the entire complex.

Lost Sarcophagus

The sarcophagus has a typical , late Roman stone cover but it is actually dug into the rock below. The cover had some decorations that are now almost unrecognizable. The entire site is fantastic as there are remains of an old estate. Obviously, the sarcophagus belonged to the owner of the estate as something like this only a rich person was able to afford. Excavating this,”lost” sarcophagus in Croatia, is one of the most exciting current excavations in this region.

The entire site was dated in 4th and 5th century AD. This can also mark the beginning of archaeology tourism near Oklaj and Drniš area in general. There are numerous fantastic sites and still hidden secrets that would make great archaeology campaigns. From universities to regular visitors, the area has so much to offer.

The Video

This year was challenging in many ways but we did A LOT of work on various projects. One one of them is moving our blog to more modern format. From now on, most of the stories will be on our YouTube channel. The video on this sarcophagus is our first video and we will be covering a lot of different subjects. Basically, just like our blog was doing since 2009. This is just the begging and we will work on producing numerous more unique documentaries in the region.

This is the first video I have done so I expect to get better with time. And use less GoPro.

Contact us for visits or private travel and tours in Croatia. We have several sites that we will be visiting and documenting on our Youtube channel.


  1. Anna says:

    Great video! Such an interesting discovery.

  2. Alan - secretdalmatia says:

    Thx! It is my first so I seriously hope to improve in the future 🙂

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