Villa Ruza Restaurant – Kolocep Island, Dubrovnik

Villa Ruža has been on the list of top Dubrovnik area restaurants for some time now. It is located on the island of Koločep and not easy to get to unless you are chartering a boat or having a private motor boat transfer to the island. But, it is a stunning place worth visiting and eating at!

Villa Ruža - from the sea
Villa Ruža – from the sea

The location is superb for romantic dinner or events like weddings or private parties. If your group is not too big, then you can only book “glorijet” with great views. Especially at sunset!


The rest of the tables are either under the pine trees or overlooking the water. Pretty spacious place!

Seating by the sea
Seating by the sea

Villa Ruza was built in 1930 by a rich merchant from Dubrovnik. The villa was dedicated as a symbol of love to his wife. The property is located a the very entrance of  Donje Celo bay. With the most beautiful terrace in the Dubrovnik area, the Villa is certainly one of the most romantic places on the Adriatic Coast.
We visited out of main season so it was very quiet. Which was perfect: just a maestral breeze and the sounds of nature with us.

Since this was our first time, we opted for chef’s recommendations. The manager/chef – Rudjer – is a great guy who really knows how to please his guests and we had some of the most demanding clients loving the experience at the Villa Ruza. Rudjer recommended to go with several appetizers: mix of seafood and vegetables.


But for the main, chef usually recommends any of the traditional classics: great fish or steak for meat lovers. We opted for fish and we did not choose bad: a freshly caught kernja (grouper) was superbly grilled for us! And great combination with Senjković Bosso

Grilled grouper
Grilled grouper

We always leave room for dessert. And, at Villa Ruza, that is simply a must! A collection of great desserts is served for those who have hard time deciding what to have.


And the time flies when you are having a great time with great people over a superb dinner. Villa Ruza is still one of the best places in the region for exceptional settings and meals.

The night is falling---
The night is falling—

Until we return…

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  1. THAT’s the way I would like to see them “pizza burners” cook !
    What a delight, simply looking at it makes me wanna go there !
    Compliments to both chef and gazda, simply fantastic !
    (PS. visited Sajam Gast, what a disappointment !!!).

  2. I am glad you like it! It is even better tasting!
    Sajam GAST – It was never anything special. But… maybe one day it will surprise us.

  3. Only one question Alan (by the way, thanks a million for posting):
    after such fantastic dinner it’s best to relax, spend the night there, have a likewise delicious breakfast the other day and only than return home (or not).
    Any suggestions ?
    loooong ago I was educated as a true cook, things changed, but cooking is in my blood, every day !
    I could recognise those desserts too, a lot better than palecinke with bloody eurocreme :-).
    Forget about Sajam Gast, even the Indonesian food was a shame for Indonesian cuisine !

    Cheers, your post made my day, Pim !!!!

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