The Blues of Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is one of my favorite islands in Croatia. No, it does not get the press like more popular, “world class” destinations like Hvar Island or “off the beaten path” Vis. It is just far from major routes and far off the main focus despite boasting two incredible inlets like Pantera on the very north end and Telašćica at the very southern end. It is a destination for masses in peak season and yet, it is an island of so many isolated places, great beaches, natural treasures, picturesque villages … just an amazing place!

View of Saharun beach
View of Saharun beach

And while the bays of Saharun, Pantera Bay, Veli Rat lighthouse and Telašćica get most attention, my favorite are the shiny, white western shores.

Veli Rat lighthouse
Veli Rat lighthouse

This rocky coastline is facing open Adriatic and is made up of very white small rocks. There are patches of sandy sea bottoms here and there and the waters are incredibly clear. And incredibly blue…

Exploring by boat…

In peak season, July and August, there are people everywhere and even these shores are well visited. But, like everywhere in Croatia, one can always find a nice and quite place to swim and relax away from the crowds.

Facing tiny island of Mežanj is a little fisherman’s harbor. It is hard to call it a harbor but a place where people can safely come by their boats and pull out them out to safety. And while the sea looks eternaly calm, it is far from that. The southern winds bring some serious waves here and all the local fishermen keep their boats safely on the shore.

Kaić on dry land
Kaić on dry land

I love their intensive blue colors. Not so common on our traditional boats, but it seems to be quite popular with these locals from nearby Božava.

Blue boats of Božava
Blue and white boats of Božava
Safely ashore
Safely ashore

Discovering these tiny, nearly forgotten little spots is what makes Dugi Otok so special and unique.

Blues of Dugi Otok
Blues of Dugi Otok

And these wonderful blues that bring those hot summer days back…


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  1. Morgan says:

    The woman who cuts my hair on Long Island, New York, has Dalmatian origins and relations on Dugi Otok (also Long Island). Since I have property on Šolta, I understand the pleasures of not being a tourist magnet like Hvar. But I still haven’t been to Dugi Otok myself.

  2. then I think it is a field trip for you next summer 😉

  3. Morgan says:

    Yes, I’ll get a friend to take me directly from Stomorska!

  4. Sigghhh these pictures make me feel so nostalgic for Croatia, even though I went this year. I can’t wait to go again, I just need to brush up on my Croatian!


  5. Croatia has so many islands to explore!

  6. Morgan says:

    I’ve explored many of the islands since the mid-’80s, but there are always more. 🙂

  7. Sheila says:

    breath taking crystal clear/blue water with white sand! amazing! hope to make this a future vacation for me and my family..

  8. Morgan says:

    Well, that’s not sand – but you won’t care!

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