Boskinac – what sweet dreams are made of

Boskinac again!

I have been invited by Boris for a small gathering of some important and influential people this past Tuesday. I, in no way, belong there but Boris wanted me to meet them and I was particularly intrigued by the wine pairing menu so I decided to attend. Although quite busy with upcoming programs and projects, I am also in need of a serious vacation so at least a short break like this helps a little bit to take my mind off programs, tours and such…

Boskinac lobby
Boskinac lobby

And it is always a special pleasure to be back to this very special place!

So, after meeting everyone at the terrace and wine cellar where Boris personally welcomed us, we gathered at the indoor part of the restaurant waiting for the event to start.

At the table
At the table

Mr. Girgio Clai at top of the table, Mr. Moreno Cornica next to him, Mr. Tomislav Tomac, Mr. Vodopija and Mr. Baretić (with ladies) of fabulous and influential blog Vinska Priča (two of the most prominent wine and cigar connoisseurs in the country), Mr. Sandi Paris – one of the leading somelliers in Croatia with Mr. Branko Muzdeka of Bevanda, Mrs. Branka Klemenčić of Jutarnji list (Dobra hrana section!!!), Mr. Neno Kukurin of Kukuriku hotel and restaurant … Not to be impolite and leave someone out on purpose but too much wine afterwards deleted some names from the memory!

A fine bunch, nonetheless!

For the fine menu!

Adriatic squid
Adriatic squid salad
Snapper filet
Snapper filet

This is just a sample of the wonderful 9 course meal! And, of course, it was paired with great wines. Twenty two of them!

Just a part of our glorious selection!
Just a part of our glorious selection!

And we ended it all with fabulous Clai Tasel dessert wine! The selection consisted of numerous great Croatian classics like Clai’s Brombonero, Plenkovic’s Plavac Mali, Krjančić’s pošip…to some new wines like Tomac’s fabulous sparkling wine. We also had a chance to enjoy several great Slovenian wines as well which was quite an interesting experience.

So, at around 1 AM, it was time to head to bed. I was staying at room 105, just above the main entrance.

Room 105
Room 105

The rooms are very spacious and with fabulous views of the fields and vineyards. The interiors are very pleasant and the beds are HUGE! And very comfortable! The toilets are superb in every aspect.

The toilet
The bathroom

So, after a spectacular dinner I got to rest overnight without traveling. Who can drive after sampling 22 different wines?

Well, I know a few… Not me! I was happy to wake up early and enjoy the silence of Boškinac and take some photos of this superb place.

Boskinac. In the morning light

One of the best hotels in the country offering superb culinary experiences not only on special days like this!


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  1. superb…

  2. tinica says:

    Now that’s more like it. If Villa Rosina had dishes like this, and someone to create proper wine pairings, imagine how wonderful that experience would be! Glad you got a vacation and the chance to “network” with hospitality bigshots, 🙂

  3. @ Dalmacija – Nothing less!
    @ tinica – Yes! This is something I want to see served at Villa Rosina. Boris – the owner of Boskinac – is truly a man with a vision and we simply MUST have more people like him all over the country investing in quality and great experience no matter if they are opening a restaurant or building a small, boutique hotel.

  4. gurwoman says:

    Lucky bastards 🙂

  5. @ gurwoman – 🙂

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