One of Croatia’s most beautiful and most unique historic cities is definitely Šibenik. Only Dubrovnik surpasses it’s beauty but not in all aspects as Šibenik has very authentic soul. With one of the World’s best preserved Renaissance city core, it is perfect for all sorts of historical reenactments.
So, 6 years ago, someone smart thought of a Medieval Fair of Šibenik in September and the rest is history…

Šibenik in the pleasant afternoon September sun...

I have visited only two fairs since it’s beginnings as September is always too busy but this weekend I had plenty of time to enjoy this unique three day event. And organizers really pushed for this, best fair to date, bringing great producers of all sorts of stuff (souvenirs and specialty food and drinks), artists, harmony- singing groups, dancing troupes, strollers dressed in traditional costumes and uniforms, jugglers, fanfare, archers, knights, traditional groups from various parts of Croatia and Europe…

Lady selling fine alcoholic drinks

The three day event starts with procession of all the participants. They walk the cobblestones streets and show the riches of their heritage or simply their historic costumes. The fair then continues on the streets where stands with all sorts of goods and food are lined.

Traditional pecipaje

Great feature of this fair is that many of the activities are planned just for the kids. There are also several contests for the kids and plenty of interesting souvenirs like wooden swords, shields…

Young archer

Then we got hungry and went to Pelegrini for dinner… Always a highlight! And especially with this new menu!

Teriaki octopus

Each day of the fair ends with canons and today, the reenactment of the siege and attack from the sea, offered spectacular sound background to this great event. The crowds on the promenade, where the reenactment taook place, were too much for us so we went exploring the side streets. The canon’s powerful “music” echoed through the streets of ancient Šibenik giving a very specific feeling of what it probably sounded like back in the day…

There were several traditional boats on the promenade for Sunday’s regatta. The sights of them sailing just off Šibenik was beautiful!

Gajete from Zlarin, Murter, Prvić...

Overall, great event!

Just something Šibenik needs more of as the city is simply still a hidden gem and will continue to be so for as long as there are no decent 4 and 5 star hotels within the walking distance of the famous cathedral.
I am always bringing my clients, who stay in Split, for at least a dinner at Pelegrini and all of them are just amazed how beautiful Šibenik is.

Sights from the past...

A very special and unique place!

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