The Festival of Sun and Light – Nin 2009

The first annual Festival of Sun and Light was held in Nin on June 21st 2009. It is a celebration of ancient knowledge more than it is a festival of Sun. The central object of the ceremony is the wonderful 9th century Sv Kriz church in Nin – also known as “The World’s Smallest Cathedral”.
Thanks for the research of late prof. Mladen Pejaković, we are now aware of spectacular knowledge of the ancient architects in combining the important dates and structures of the sacred objects. Sv Kriz in Nin is the best evidence!
The church has been constructed so carefully to enable sun rays to enter the building in particular angles on particular dates so they hit only the specific spots in the building thus acting as a solar calendar. The Summer Solstice was/is one of the most important dates but so are the certain religious celebrations and holidays.

Sv. Kriz - Summer Solstice, High Noon
Sv. Kriz - Summer Solstice, High Noon

This annual celebration is the best attempt so far to promote astroarcheological heritage of Dalmatia! With Sv Donat, Diocletian’s Palace and many more medieval churches that stand as silent witnesses to the genius of ancient builders, we have merely scratched the surface.

So, see you in Nin on June 21st 2010. At around 5:15 AM…

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  1. Jane Cody says:

    Lovely posting Alan, as ever. I’ve Just been reading your post on peka and blacksmith traditions back in March which is really fascinating. Just blogged pekas myself on Croatia Online and then saw that this would make a good link for additional information. Blacksmiths in the UK have taken to making designer gates and sculptures for wealthy clients to try and earn a living, now that there are fewer horses around. I wonder if we might be able to persuade one of them to learn how to make pekas so that we Croatia loving Brits can entertain in style on summer visits to England?!

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