Birdwatching in Croatia – Vransko Jezero lake

Vransko Jezero is the largest natural lake in Croatia. It is also one of the biggest marsh areas in the country and less than a kilometer away from the Adriatic sea. It is connected with the sea by a narrow channel Prosika dug in the early 1800s to regulate the level of the lake that often flooded the entire valley and to exterminate the malaria mosquitoes.

Today, the lake is known for great fishing and birdwatching.

Birdwatching station and observatory
Birdwatching station and observatory

I occasionally take my 5-year old birdwatching on the shores of the lake where nice observatory has been erected. We also look for frogs and insects that can be found in the region. There are about 230 known bird species spotted here and, in the winter, some 140 000 birds fly here for the winter.

Birdwatcher... :)
Birdwatcher... 🙂

The entire area is great for birdwatchers looking for Southern European marsh birds but also for carst species like the Rock Partridge. The area is also great for history lovers since there are remains from almost all periods: from neolithic to modern days!

The well known panorama point on Standarac hill is one of the most popular locations in the region!

Traditional means of transport - still alive and kickin
Traditional means of transport - still alive and kickin'


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