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Hotel San Rocco – The Gem of Istria

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Last year I have discovered wonderful hotel San Rocco in Brtonigla. It looked appealing and the owners sounded fine. I had an Australian couple on their honeymoon in Croatia and they wanted to spend the part of their 14 day holiday in Istria. Since I was not familiar with all the possibilities and accommodation possible, this hotel seemed like the perfect choice.

Building number two of San Rocco
Building number two of San Rocco

After hearing so much about the excellent food, great accommodation and beautiful settings, I had to see the place on my own! So, I packed my family and we went to San Rocco for a weekend in Istria. Of course, combining pleasure and business is always the goal so I arranged several meetings as well.

The trip from Zadar to San Rocco is a long one – about 4 – 5 hours. The problems were mostly with endless works on Rijeka’s new roads… The started those tunnels and bridges a while back but it seems that the works will never end. The travelers should just follow the signs to Pula and then to Buzet. We went through Rijeka’s Friday-afternoon traffic without problems. Yes, it was a mess but signs everywhere!
Then we just took the Učka tunnel and straight to Buzet. From very scenic Buzet, just followed the signs to Buje and Brtonigla is some 9km between Buje and Umag. Very easy to find!

Enter the paradise...
Enter the paradise...

We parked outside this nice traditional building restored to the highest standards. The Fernetich family greeted us at the doors and, after we rested and unpacked, gave us the tour of their fabulous property.
The hotel is quite tiny: 12 rooms all together. Nicely restored traditional family house and stables, now offer stylish accommodation in the idyllic setting of rural Istria. Lovely spa is located near the pool offering everything one may need to relax and revitalize.

The San Rocco Spa
The San Rocco Spa

The hotel is also known for great food – like all of northern Istria for that matter. Truffles, home made olive oil of ultimate quality, great white Malvasia wine and superb red Terran make the back bone of the gastronomic offer of the region. And believe me, that is plenty!
The comments we received from our clients were more than great. Mrs. Kaplan – on the private Jewish tour of the Balkans we organized for her husband and Mr. and Mrs. Glantz told me that they rarely ate that good! In fact, she told me that what they paid for dinner and the lunch (for all 4) equals what one of them would pay in top New York restaurant and the food was even better!

The outside breakfast area...
The outside breakfast area...

The two nights in San Rocco passed quickly. But that is just another reason for a visit when we get a chance.
Let me just mention that room rates are quite low out of season – starting at 112 Euros per room and the highest price is 199 Euros for the most spacious Premier rooms. Hotel accepts only 7 day stay from June through August and it is perfect for those seeking secluded getaway and it is just great for honeymooners!

Also, not to forget, it was voted “Best Small Hotel in Croatia ” in 2007 and 2008!

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