The Doors of Vis Town

Each summer I spend several days on Vis. My wife’s family is from Vis so we have an old stone house to stay in making each our stay quite memorable. Vis town is a very special place: historic, charming, slow paced an easy going: it is a typical Dalmatian town. It was a military base for Yugoslav army for over 50 years and that helped preserving both the historic core and the island itself. The ugly modern construction is mostly of later date and, if you ask me, all those disgusting, ugly apartment houses in small bays would make perfect targets for Croatian navy practice…

The town of Vis itself is still nicely preserved and most of the reconstructions done have been tastefully incorporated in the old town core. But my eye always goes to the doors…

Vis town is a treasure trove of beautiful old doors! Some dating from 18th and 19th century, some from early 1900s, some from after WW2… but each one of them is unique and tells it’s own stories hiding and protecting their owners for generations.

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  1. Morgan says:

    I remember wanting to visit back when it was closed to tourism, in large part for access to Modra Špilja, and now I usually go straight to Komiža upon arrival. I should really spend some time in Vis town!

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