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Guest Blogger – Ruth Seba and Traditional Filigree Jewelry Design

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If you are interested in seeing some traditional handcrafted jewellery being made then a visit to Seba Dizajn, Ulica dePolo, would be an essential part of your visit to Korcula.
Seba Dizajn is located beneath Marko Polo tower, (Marko Polo’s Korcula home) and was opened by Adolf & Ruth Seba in June 2011 to showcase Adolf’s filigree jewellery skills.  The Seba family have been working with filigree jewellery for approximately 500 years.

Baby ball
Baby ball

We are delighted to offer you this unique opportunity to see filigree being made here in our store.  Each piece of jewellery for sale in our store was created on site using traditional techniques and we are proud to offer you the chance to see our jewellery being made.

From fire...
From fire…

If you are interested in signing up for the ‘Traditional Filigree Bead Experience’ you will become part of a select group and given the chance to see all the steps involved in creating a filigree ball of bead – beads can be worn as a pendant of earrings or smaller versions worked into a necklace or bracelet.

Work in progress
Work in progress

We have put together a special package to show you the steps involved in creating our beads, and we will also offer you the chance to work with some of the fine silver threads we use to create our filigree jewellery.
Three different styles of medium sized beads have been exclusively created for this package and you will take home a stunning piece of Seba Dizajn filigree as a memento of your visit to Korcula and our studio.  We look forward to welcoming you into our store and sharing our traditional jewellery with you.


3 Replies to “Guest Blogger – Ruth Seba and Traditional Filigree Jewelry Design”

  1. We can’t wait to welcome your guests to Seba Dizajn and are very excited to be working together with you. Cheers, Ruth & Doka

  2. Thanks, and yes you are right there is a lot of time involved in creating each piece. We have had our studio open to the public for one year now and it has been great to be able to share the work that is involved in creating our filigree jewellery.

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