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I rarely review new books or guides on Croatia as most of them are not so interesting. But this one is!
Vinologue: Guides: Dalmatia –

I received and email from the author, Mr. Miquel Hudin asking me to take a look. And it was love at first sight!

Dalmatian wines
Dalmatian wines

Wonderfully designed: simple and clear – it makes a perfect introduction to the region and it’s wines.
I especially loved the brief history on nearly everything that matters and even a crash course into some very basic Croatian pronunciation. And I also enjoyed how he divides the winemakers into traditional, modern and Vino/Rakija man.
I do have to stress that “vino/rakija man” has so many variations that I have encountered some very good wines on i.e. Vis Island from local vino/rakija men. Much better than several more “exclusive” wines you find for 3 or 4 times that price in local stores or restaurants. Basically, there are two types of wine/rakija men and some of them are just out to get your bucks selling you terrible wine and there are local farmers who don’t have the opportunity or desire to break into the first league of winemakers. More of mom and pop type of business to get a few extra bucks.

The photos are important part of the book
The photos are important part of the book

I also think that size of text and the amount of information is just perfect! Combined with superb photography, this book is an easy read and simply a must for everyone who is into wines and who is coming to Croatia. I also look forward to later editions as some information will get updated like the information on Benkovac wine cellar that is only recently making headlines and getting awards. I guess, with all this progress, it will not be easy to keep up with all the wines of Dalmatia but that is the fun part: discovering and tasting these great wines and learning about the land and the people.

Again, simply a great book! Download at author’s web site:


4 Replies to “Vinologue: Guides: Dalmatia”

  1. I visited the Dalmatian coast as part of a tour group last year. Yes, wine was bound to be on the table for dinnner and worth the glass! 🙂 I wonder how many people associate Croatia with wine!
    By the way, I’m a new reader!

  2. @ Elisa – Thank you “new reader” 😉
    Yes, we do have a problem with perception by nearly everyone who is visiting Croatia but we have a poor PR in general.

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