Best Restaurants in Croatia – Prasac restaurant, Zagreb

I won’t be writing about Wine & Gastro festival that was held a week ago in Zagreb. It was nice, crowded, with great offer, lots of great wines and… did I say it was crowded? Read more on it on Manjada’s great blog. The highlight for me was meeting in person some great and interesting folks like Goran “Manjada”, Alen and Morana “Gurwoman” The team behind TOC

But, as always, I try to eat in as many restaurants as humanly possible while in Zagreb. This time we decided to go with already famous “Prasac” on Gornji Grad.

Prasac - in the historic Gornji Grad
Prasac - in the historic Gornji Grad

Getting there is easy: take the funicular up to Gornji Grad, turn left behind the Kula Lotršćak tower (can’t miss it!) and another left.
“Prasac” – or Pig in English – is one of the new stars on the sky of Zagreb’s restaurants. Since majority of the best restaurants in Croatia are located in Zagreb, it can be said that it is one of the best restaurants in the country at the moment. Although the young chef Dino Galvagno is not unknown on the scene, this is his first restaurant where he pursues his ideas of preparing interesting meals of traditional and mostly local ingredients. And the food in “Prasac” is good!

Chef Dino
Chef Dino

The daily menu is written on the black board on the wall. It is usually a bit longer but, with all the protests that were taking place that Saturday, they did not expect a busy day. And “Prasac” is for 18 guests only!

Menu of the day
Menu of the day

As the menu was not too long, we decided to go with (nearly) everything offered. Also, I heard from several people that “Prasac” is expensive but, you can see the prices right here. For one of top culinary experiences in the country, this is quite affordable!
We started with breaded pork leg, fried chicken wings and Paška skuta gnudi – all three were perfectly balanced in tastes! The pork leg is quite popular in Croatia but only dipped in beans or with sauerkraut. It was quite interesting to see that something else can be done with it!

Pork leg on lambs lettuce
Pork leg on lambs lettuce
Fried chicken wings on basmati rice
Fried chicken wings on basmati rice

For main dish, we went with the only one offered: roast beef with potatoes. Another winner!

Roast beef with potatoes
Roast beef with potatoes

And the dessert was just as good!


Overall, superb experience! It was a pity that we did not have a bit more choices for a main dish but we did not complaint and we left “Prasac” stuffed. Also, the cost is in line with regular Zagreb prices in better restaurant: around 250 Kn (cc 47 USD or 33 E) per person for 4 of us with few glasses of wine and aperitif.

Since “Prasac” is tiny, reservations are recommended and espcially so for dinners. They serve lunch only on Saturday!

Vranicanijeva 6, Zagreb

+385 1 4851 411


Working hours
Monday to Friday 19-24h,
Saturday 12-15h / 19-24h
Closed on Sunday and on holidays

They accept all credit cards.
Highly recommended for couples and small groups of friends looking for a unique food and wine experience in Croatia. Not really for families with children as it is tiny. Very cozy!


  1. moji konplimenti malem prascu…ovo je ono ča nan triba…poz…

  2. je! stvarno restoran kako triba

  3. gurwoman says:

    Hvala na spominjanju i komplimentima! Velik pozdrav velikom blogeru! Prasac je vrh vrhova i nadam se da ćemo jednom imati priliku zajedno hrgati svinjske nožice ili mljackati goveđi rep.

  4. Prvom prilikom idemo u istraživanja bespuća zagrebačko-kontinenlnih gastro vrhunaca 😉

  5. Kristijan says:

    Did not know about Prasac, but will easily remember it 🙂 Would love, if you ever end up in my childhood neck of the woods, to read your impression about “world famous” west from ZG towards Samobor in Town of Sveta Nedelja. They were then well known fish restaurant.
    In time before time (until 20 years ago) it was very popular among those with a “red book” in their deep pockets visiting with drivers in BMW. Not sure if it’s still HIT since Zagreb and surroundings grew in every aspect, including gastronomy.

  6. Kristijan says:

    Ah, just now I have looked at their web site and see that it’s closed, sorry about that, I guess time eat its children. Regards with made in MTL sound

  7. Babylon was soooo famous… Back in the 80s

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