Sailing in Croatia – Šibenik regatta

We got invited to join our friends Ivana and Ozren on their Bavaria 50 for traditional 11th Šibenik Regatta held this Saturday.
The forecast was ok for sailing with northern winds of up to 28 knots and temperatures of about 10 degrees Celsius or about 50 F. But bura wind made it seem much lower!
Anyway, we got there at 9 AM to get everything ready and to get some food for after-sailing dinner on board.

Beautiful Šibenik on a sunny December morning!

The organizers were still getting ready and sorting out the final details for the regatta

Getting ready!

Our boat was Bavaria 50 named “Buba”. Simply a great boat that Ivana and Ozren charter in the summer time along with few other boats in their fleet. There were 10 of us on the boat but most of us had little or no sailing experience unlike our seasoned skipper Ozren and Ranko. We didn’t care – it was all about hanging out together and having fun. Unlike other crews, we had one pregnant woman on board (my wife), one 6 year old pest (my son) and Ivana and Ozren’s 2,5 months old daughter Alma! It was the second regatta for Alma already 🙂

Marija, Roko and Alma staying bellow during our sailing!

And soon was time to sail out and get ready for the start. The regatta was sailing from Šibenik waterfront and going to the Šibenik bridge where we were supposed to turn and then another turn just before the former Kuline military base.

Beautiful settings for our sailing

So, we got ready and assigned the tasks to all of us and hoped for the best.
Soon, the siren marked the start and we managed to get thorough it without anyone slamming into us in all that mess of boats and sails!

Here are some photos to illustrate the event!

Great day for sailing
Getting ready!
Part of our crew
Ozren - our skipper
Šibenik bridge

The regatta was meant to be of two laps and with a pause in between. We had to leave after the first lap and we took a walk through Šibenik and went to Pelegrini to meet Rudi for a glass of wine. Then we wathced the regatta from the shore and waited for their return.

In full speed

The channel of Šibenik is actually a mouth of Krka river and it looks more like a river than the sea channel being fairly narrow. It is also a very picturesque part of our coastline!
After the regatta ended, we went for “beans and sausage” dinner prepared by the organizers as an appetizer before the real dinner that Ozren cooked for us on board!

The dinner for all contestants

We did not win ( I believe that we were 4th in our class) but we did not care.
So we hanged out on the boat eating and drinking and laughing…

Simply a great day with great people!

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  1. Rada says:

    Šibenik Regatta, great experiance and views!
    Great news, Mazonja 3 on the way- congratulations!!

  2. RSA Now says:

    Never mind being in first place, just being in that gorgeous place by itself is winning!

  3. That is absolutely right!

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