Luxury Travel in Croatia – Sea Cloud in Tribunj

One of my dream ships was always a majestic Sea Cloud…

Built in Kiel in 1931, it was always one of the most beautiful tall ships on the planet! It second life begun when it was turned into a luxury cruiser for small groups. Only about 60 passengers can be accommodated in luxurious cabins and the most luxurious are the original owner’s cabins bellow the deck. Read more on:

Now, the ship belongs to Ebel family who also owns Sea Cloud II and Hussar is coming out of the shipyard in the next year or so.

But there is only one Sea Cloud.

Sea Cloud - picture from their web site

When we were invited by Mrs. Schywiter Mira to meet the Ebel family who were in Tribunj today meeting their guests, I was quite thrilled just to see the magnificent ship from the shore but we got invited for a private tour of the ship as well! The owner’s wife, Mrs. Milena Ebel was born in Tribunj.

The masts...
The masts...
The Lido bar
The Lido bar

The guests were mostly on the shore visiting Tribunj and the area so we had a chance to see the public areas and the crew. The crew is mostly Filipino but many other languages can be heard.
There are about 60 crew members on board taking care of all the details and constantly maintaining the polished and clean look. After all, this is one of the most prestigious small luxury ships in the World!

The summer breeze mixed with the scent of a wooden deck made us dizzy during a relaxing chat with the owner’s daughter Vicki. Imagine sailing in the night, under a full moon and Perseide meteor shower..

Sea Cloud is just too dreamy

Sea Cloud
Sea Cloud

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