Hvar – The Prince of Dalmatia

If Venice is the Empress, and Dubrovnik is the King then Hvar town is undoubtedly the Prince of the Adriatic!

This magical island is pure spectacle of vistas, tastes, scents!

Marija sipping coffee in Adriana’s roof top cafe
Hvar in late March 2009

I had to inspect the Suncani Hvar hotels in Hvar town in the early 2008 and that was one of our favorite trips! Although we spent only 6 hours visiting the hotels and discussing business, that late March day was so beautiful. You know that feeling when the Spring is in the air? Exactly that was all over the town, the hills, the sea…

Adriana’s spa suite, sea view

We went for lunch to wonderful Roots restaurant in Riva hotel and had superb dishes made of local ingredients – Marija went for monk-fish fillet with chard and I am always good for chicken. We were the only guests (SAD!!!)and simply enjoyed light breeze from the Pakleni islands with great food.

Mushroom cappuccino at Roots restaurant

The hotels are really nice although the situation within the company is not so good in these tough times…

Adriana is a really prestigious but the rooms are a bit on a small side. Riva is also lovel and Amfora is simply superb! Amfora hotel has some nice views of the Pakleni Islands and wonderfully decorated rooms. Overall, great properties on superb locations! Hvar is just so unique that I would be able to sleep under the fig tree just to stay there…

Adriana's spa suite, sea view
Adriana’s spa suite, sea view