12 Years Blogging!

12 years blogging!

On February 14th, back in 2009, I decided to start a blog. My friend, Jane Cody of http://croatiaonline.blogspot.com/, finally persuaded me to do it as she knew I had some stories to tell. In the following years, I have seen blogs come and go and not too many are still active. Which is a pity as there were some fantastic efforts! Blogging does take time and it is not easy to find inspiration – or will – to write. But, I am not giving up easily and Secret Dalmatia blog will stay. At least for my kids to know where I/we went and how the country changed.

Last year I posted the smallest number of posts ever but that was all because I was trying to add videos to it. Not easy to move into another media! Now I am getting a grip and will be posting one blog/video weekly. At least. So many ideas brewing and so many things to “save”.

Not a touristy blog

And, of course – this will never be a touristy blog. 🙂
I will still be writing this as a form of a diary and something that I still enjoy reading. If you are looking for a blog that is all about growing audience and giving you service information— well, this is not it. I care about you only if you are curious, genuinely interested in Croatia’s culture and want to learn more. And I am perfectly comfortable with this blog staying small and obscure forever 🙂

One of the reasons why I never had promotional vid was again, catering to the masses. I did one now but this is nowhere near what I will try to create. And this is focused on most popular destinations. No secrets here 🙁
So, here it is: Secret Dalmatia destinations promo vid for 2021!