Trogir from the past

Recently, I found online several photos of Trogir from different periods but a set from 1925 was especially intriguing. Although the very heart of Trogir still remains beautiful and protected, the outskirts of the city changed dramatically…

Kamerlengo fortress - ready for a siege! More or less...
Kamerlengo fortress - ready for hordes of tourists

Most of the monuments are actually in better shape today as they were cleaned and the necessary works on protecting them have been done. Probably on several occasions after these photos have been taken.

Historic towers and monuments

The businesses changed… No more “Gostiona” (Restaurant/tavern) here. It is a hair salon now.

This part of Trogir is usually crowded in the summer
No more room for fishing boats!

And not only the businesses changed: the way of life was completely different! And there are no tourists to be seen anywhere!

Not so fashionable crowd

But the most striking difference is when looking Trogir town area from the panorama point on the road to Boraja…

Probably the most charming part of the Adriatic coast...

All that is now gone… The picturesque olive groves and vineyards are replaced by ugly concrete mess! And even more so on Ciovo opposite the very Trogir…

Trogir area today

This is a nice example how NOT to build or “develop” in beautiful areas! But, after WW2, Yugoslav government worked hard on industrializing the entire country and tourism or preservation were of little importance. The worsr thing is that it is still happening today! Ciovo is mostly ruined in the last few years with huge increase of building the apartment buildings.
Although the area surrounding is fairly ruined, the very town of Trogir is still a gorgeous gem worth seeing every time when in this area!

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  1. da je bilo pameti i dalekovidnosti di bi nan bija kraj…ali eto tu smo i tako nana je…a moglo je bit i gore…poz…

  2. Je, prijatelju. Dobro govoriš…

  3. Joakim says:


    Nice pictures, I am going to visit Trogir for a week in september 2011 and are very keen to find nice places to look at. Mainly I am not interrested in the average tourist sites but most old WWII remains if there are any – old bunkers, guntrays and so forth.
    Also interresting are old abandoned buildings, like abandoned hotels, shops, farms and things like that.

    Does anyone have any tips?


  4. Old bunkers are still staying in Zadar. Dozens of them from the Italian and German occupation.
    Abandoned villages – inland is full of villages abandoned after the latest war. But you have to know where to go as some are still under mines. Drop me a line before you come here so we can see if I am available to take you some places.

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