Pašman town …in the past

One of the small towns (more appropriate than just calling it a village) I am tied to from my earliest childhood is Pasman town on the island of the same name. It was a part of our summer routine to go there for ice cream or, very fashionable drink back in the 80s, peach juice with whipped cream on top 🙂

Just recently I drove again up the island from Tkon…

Tkon port back in the 60s

… to Mrljane where my late grandmother is from and my aunt still lives in.

But Pašman is no longer what it was even only ten years ago. Building houses/buildings is rarely progress these days in Croatia. Especially with architects and developers who obviously have a serious lack of education and good taste.

Fishermen under light house on babac Island. Pašman in the distance

It was sad to see that once tiny and picturesque town is now surrounded by ugly apartment buildings. And more is being built every year. More and more people come for 1-2 weeks just to lie on the beach and they, apparently think that they need to own an apartment there for those two weeks… So wrong. But mostly to blame are the pathetic local authorities allowing this disaster happening destroying THEIR own place!

Pasman, back in the 50s seen from Babac Island

Pasman was always a tiny place of farmers and fishermen. It suffered terrible devastation in the late 17th century when only three families survived plague. Later, the town recovered and new inhabitants moved over to the lands of the dead. Today there are several last names quite common in Pašman: Bobić, Mađerić, Rušov, Kolanović… although the number is getting smaller since there are only few hundred people living there year round.

Pašman in the 50s
Pasman port in the 60s

Anyway, it is still nice to go for a drink to Pašman. It reminds me of childhood and nice sand beaches around the town (still there!)

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  1. Cliff Rames says:

    Ha! “Gusti sa slagom”. I remember those days…peach juice with whipped cream on top. So 80s! :))

    Anyway, excellent post, Alan. Sad about the apartment buildings, though.

  2. lol! we all remember “gusti sa šlagom”! :)))

    apartments – silly folks doing permanent damage to this beautiful and amazing country. I want it to stay beautiful for all our children.

  3. Kristijan says:

    Long time not “see”!
    I’ll skip the ’80s and try to present solution to new developments (Spain all over again). Actually, I’ll say nothing new. You are doing exactly what I wanted to say with this old photos.
    Anyway, that’s why we have to take more photos of every million year old stone standing up, placed one on the top of another by our forefathers many centuries ago.
    Just before it all becomes covered by temporary brick, one that will already ruined fortifications outlive 🙂
    Hope summer is good!

  4. Hi Kristijan!
    Too bad we did not get to meet but those days were absolutely insane. Summer is good but should be better – not for me but for amazing people I work with!
    Apartments are just a product of a government lack of any knowledge or strategy but locals are more to blame as they are the ones that allow this happening and destroying our tourism and potentials: everything from picturesque villages to wine and food producers who are victims to pizzas and same sad menus from Istria to Konavle.

  5. ma ka te je izmislija ruke mu se pozlatile…ovake fotke moraju na vidilo i ovaki članci se moraju čitat…poz…

  6. fala prijatelju! Ima toga još…

  7. Rada says:

    Pokušavam ne vidit novogradnje jer mi se stegne oko srca!!!

  8. Kristijan says:

    as I already said, being busy is good news. Some other time perhaps.

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