Sunset over Korcula

Late September is so melancholic… Everything is “dying” but the weather is still gorgeous. Bura is rarely strong like in the winter months but quite common in this time of the year clearing the clouds from the skies and opening views all the way to the Italian coast.

On the road from Ston, down the Pelješac peninsula, a small panorama point is located on the hill just above Orebic town. You can’t miss it. At this time of year, sunsets are amazing…

Panorama point over Orebic
Panorama point over Orebic

The entire archipelago of Korcula opens up as well as the views of beautiful and distant Lastovo Island.
The sound of bura playing in the trees and with the waves makes the perfect background sound.

Lastovo in the distance
Lastovo in the distance

Quite romantic!
Combine it with a walk in Korcula Old Town and a great meal at “Adio Mare”, and there will be only a few more things you can ask from life…

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  1. Stephe says:

    Such emotions are rolling inside of me while I look at these pictures!! Great, beautiful shoreline.

  2. nije van bilo loše…pravi rastanak od lita…a naš rastanak od lita je danas…litrati slijede…pozdrav M. i R.

  3. @ STEPH – beautiful shoreline indeed!

    @ Dalmacija moja inspiracija – ajmo se cuti kroz ovi misec pa napraviti đir

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