Cavtat – Traveling back in time on Croatian coast

One of my hobbies is collecting postcards. Usually, only those closely related to my home area of Zadar and Šibenik but I do buy interesting postcards from all regions of Dalmatia.

Recently, I have acquired an interesting view of Cavtat from the 1930’s.

Cavtat in the 1930s
Cavtat in the 1930s

The shape of the town, as we know it today, is already here, as well as the sad monument to once wealthy Racic family rising above the town. For this Mausoleumm back in 1925. Meštrović was given Grand Prix of the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (there were 15,000 exhibitors).

Racic Mausoleum  - Photo by Goran Gudelj Giontrra
Racic Mausoleum - Photo by Goran Gudelj Giontrra

During a dinner in Rome 1914 Mare Racic-Banac, who was rumored to be romantically involved with the sculptor, has asked Mestrovic: “When I die, will you build me a grave and proving that Death is apparent?” Instantly, Mestrovic couldn’t answer to it but also never after because he has not seen Mare ever again. The entire family died within short interval of time… Therefore, Mestrovic had engraved his answer on the bell reading: “Find out the Secret of Love. Thus you’ll find the solution to the Secret of Death and you’ll believe that Life is Eternal.”