Lost Waterfalls and Forgotten Graves

Stećak tombstones on the slopes of the hill
Stećak tombstones on the slopes of the hill

Sacred places of Illyria

Illyria is probably not the best name for the region that is still so mysterious as we struggle in getting answers to even the basic quastions about the ancient inhabitants that lived here. It encompasses  Dalmatia and it’s hinterland including Hercegovina in modern day Bosnia and Hercegovina as this region shared a lot of history…

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Some of the most mysterious monuments in Croatia are, by no doubt, stećak tombstones. Stećak [stechak] (for singular) or stećci (for plural) are not only found in Croatia but in the neighboring countries as well. Bosnia and Herzegovina is particularly famous for this tradition with an estimated 60 000 stećaks still standing! Although their look…